Room With a View

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Room With a View

The view outside my Guatemalan room


Last year, during one of our trips to Guatemala, I awoke each morning to the sound of a rooster.  Well, sort of.  About 4 days into the trip, I actually discovered it was the alarm on my roomie’s smartphone.  So, this past summer during another trip to Guatemala, I was understandably skeptical when I was once again awakened at all hours of the night by the sound of another rooster.  But then came the dogs.  And the cats.  And the other unidentifiable animals that clamored loudly across the metal roof just outside our constantly open window.  Oh yes, it was all too real.  Each night as we were snuggled in our beds, we were privy to the sounds of wild animals chasing each other across their metal stage, screeching and howling as the neighbors randomly set off fireworks.  Eventually, you just had to laugh.

While the craziness of a brief trip to a world such as this causes no lasting trauma to the visitor, the sight of the houses, the streets, and the living conditions endured every single day by so many around the world does leave a lasting impression.  So in honor of the roosters (electronic or real), the wild dogs and cats, and on behalf of those who live under these unstable and unreliable metal structures around the globe, we are committed as part of Healing Projects to repair homes, build better structures, work to provide clean water and safer conditions to orphans and families in impoverished communities.  Want to join us?

How Can I Help Provide Safer Homes for Families?

With one of our partners in Guatemala, you can literally build a safer home for a family for around $1,200!! For just $50 you can provide a microwave to a young, single mother. There are many items you can help us purchase to supply kitchens and bedrooms for under $100!

How Can I Partner with Healing Projects to provide safer living environments for orphans and impoverished families?

There are SO many ways you can help, we cannot possibly list them all here! (Remember….short blog post…..short is not usually a word I do well…)

We work to provide safer structures for family homes and orphanages, we partner to care for and maintain facilities, we train communities and individuals in clean water filtration.  If you would like to know how you can jump right in and partner with us (or if you would simply like to hear the midnight crazy animal escapades on the metal roofs of our adopted “neighborhoods” live and in person!), please contact

for more info.