Against All Odds


Against All Odds

“Ginger” while still living in China

It is the face that touched so many. It was her heart that touched so many other hearts. This precious girl was born with a heart that formed in the wrong location inside her tiny body. Across the world, in a very unlikely location, a small band of those who were touched by her story began working to help raise the money that she would need in order to receive her critical operation. One very small rural church even raised $3,000 in one service! They handed the check over with tears, saying they had never raised that much money at once before. “Ginger”** is the child who inspired Healing Projects to formally extend their orphan ministry to specifically target special needs orphans to help provide surgeries and medical care through the newly launched arm, Healing Hands.

Ginger the Butterfly

Meanwhile, a world away in China, Tim Baker (Director of SFCV), Dr. Moody and the staff at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village in China worked tirelessly with Ginger’s doctors to navigate the tricky path of healing for a fragile child living without a family. Against all odds, little Ginger recovered from her surgery and did so well, she was even placed for adoption with a beautiful family who was eager to love her through her emotional as well as physical healing.

Visiting Ginger after her surgery





While we would miss seeing her sweet, sassy little face on our China visits, we were thrilled to know her physical healing could continue now in the loving arms of a family. Then, quite by surprise, my husband and I discovered on a recent trip to Mexico Ginger’s parents would also be visiting the same part of Mexico where we were staying. After negotiating logistics, we had the incredible privilege of meeting Ginger’s loving parents in person on a beautiful, sunny day beside the ocean. While we live thousands of miles apart, we all just happened to be vacationing in the same place in Mexico at the same time.

Meeting Ginger’s parents “by chance” in Mexico

One little girl who survived against all odds, thousands of miles away her family finds her, thousands of miles they live from us and yet we meet up thousands of miles away from BOTH of our homes to share stories and photos, tears and laughter about a beautiful child who crossed the world in spirit and in person to bring so many people together. It’s just like that when you work with these amazing kids. Miracles become common-place, but are still never taken for granted.

**“Ginger”‘s real name has not been used to protect her privacy as well as that of her adoptive family.






“Ginger” is now healthy and thriving!

How Can I Help a Child Like “Ginger”?

Two of the organizations we partner with in China that provide critically needed surgeries to orphans are below.  Click on their logos to see how you can also help provide surgery and health care to these children.









Can I Visit a Child Like Ginger?

YES!! If you would like to visit children like “Ginger” with us around the world, please contact