Please Help Keep International Adoption Open & Accessible!


Please Help Keep International Adoption Open & Accessible!

This is an urgent request for help from everyone, whether or not you ever plan to adopt!  The last 5 years has seen the number of adoptions plummet as changes in governments, policies, and attitudes towards adoption have created obstacles for families trying to give children forever homes.  While at Healing Projects we, along with a great portion of other orphan advocates, strive to create multiple options for addressing the orphan crisis, we also know that keeping international adoptions open as one option is a lifeline for children and families and needs to remain part of the solution.

But now we need your help…

Today is National Call-In Day, leading up to a march in Washington D.C. in support of adoption.  Please follow these instructions to make our voices heard….the lives of so many children depend on us speaking up on their behalf. Find out on kla ava.


– The goal of the call-in is to raise awareness of the problems currently surrounding

international adoption and to gain support for the bill that will soon be introduced to

begin correcting those problems.

– Go to these sites to find out the names of your senators and representatives and their

phone numbers:

o Senate:

(use the pull down menu at the top right to choose your state)

o House: (use your zip code and

address if necessary)

– Call both of your senators’ offices and the office of your representative.

– Use the Washington D.C. office number listed.

– When you call, you may be prompted to leave a message about a particular issue or

legislation. This approach is fine and is preferred by the staffers who handle these calls.

The staffers listen to all of these messages and take notes.

– Alternatively you may speak to someone in the senator’s or representative’s office. If

you do, do not expect to spend a long time on the phone. Your goal is to be brief and to

have your call and statement noted by the staffer.

– When calling, be sure to leave your full name and identify yourself as one of the senator

or representative’s constituents.

– If you need follow-up regarding your own personal adoption issue, please ask for a return

call by someone in the office at a later time. That helps the staffer keep the Both Ends

Burning campaign separate from personal issues which may need follow-up.


Suggested Script for Call-in


Introduction for calling a senator’s office


“Hello, my name is [John Smith]. I am a resident of [Arizona] and I am calling to request

Senator [Jones’] support for the important issue of improving international adoptions and helping

ensure children are able to grow up in families.”


Introduction for calling a representative’s office


“Hello, my name is [John Smith]. I am in Congressman [Jones’] district and I am calling to

request the Congressman’s support for the important issue of improving international adoptions

and to help ensure children are able to grow up in families.”

Then, state the main message below or use your own words:

• “Children have a right to be loved, to grow up in a family, their biological family

or another one, in their country, or somewhere else.

• But the U.S. Government isn’t doing what it needs to do to make this happen for

the world’s orphans, and their numbers are going up every day.

• The problem is urgent. Science proves that children are irreparably damaged by

living without a family.

• Senators Mary Landrieu and Roy Blunt will shortly introduce a bill called

Children in Families First.

• Please vote for this bill. Please consider becoming a co-sponsor of this bill*.”

* When you are calling a representative, you need to request that they vote and become a cosponsor

for the House version of the bill once it is introduced.

Feel free to share a brief statement of your personal experience that illustrates why this is an

important issue for you. Examples are:

“As an adoptive father, I know first-hand how important it is for a child to grow up in a family.

There is nothing more important to a child than to have the safety, support, and love of a

permanent family.”

“Our family is waiting to adopt a child from Haiti, who has been stuck for over a year without a

family. We know how important it is to address this issue so that our child and millions like her

are able to grow up in loving families.”

Thank You!