Punjammie FAQ

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Punjammie FAQ


Punjammie Parties have begun!! The first one will be hosted Monday, May 20th, at 6:00 p.m. Below are some FAQs on what they are and how to host one of your own.  Please contact dawn@healinghannah.com for  info or questions!

What is a Punjammie Party?

It is a gathering in a home, church, or any location to allow others to learn more about sex & human trafficking both here and abroad. Either prior to the party or at the party participants are given the opportunity to purchase Punjammies (sort of like pajamas) made by women rescued from sex trafficking in India through the International Princess Project.

What parties are currently scheduled?

Benton: May 20th at 6:00 p.m. Bring your own dessert to share! Hosted by Christian Fellowship Church, “CFC is centrally located off I-24, in Marshall County, (Briensburg/Draffenville community) between Paducah and Murray, Kentucky. To mapquest us, our physical address is 1343 U.S. Highway 68 East, Benton, KY 42025”

How do I purchase the Punjammies?

You can either purchase the Punjammies BEFORE the party by clicking on this link to their website:


Punjammie Website

or you will have the chance to order online at the party as well. IPP has a wide range of styles and prices typically range from $22 to $39. If you want to order BEFORE a party, be sure to order at least 1-2 weeks ahead of time for them to be delivered for you to wear to the party!

What do I wear to the party?

If your PJs have arrived, WEAR THEM! 🙂 If not, feel free to wear other pajamas or just casual clothing. Be comfortable!

What do I bring to the party?

Please bring a dessert to share! If you are not able to bring one, no worries! Come anyway. This is too important.
If you need to place an order on site, please bring a credit card. We will NOT be accepting checks or cash on site.
You will also be hearing a short presentation on sex & human trafficking so if you want to bring something to take notes, feel free!

Can I invite others?

OF COURSE! Unless this is a private party being hosted by an individual in their home, then it might be polite to ask the host first. Otherwise, bring a truckload of friends!

Where are other parties going to be held?

Besides the one in Benton, we have plans underway for Murray, Paducah and Mayfield. Details will be announced as soon as plans are finalized.

What if I want to host a party as an individual or with a church or organization?

Then let me first say “I love you”, and please contact me at dawn@healinghannah.com to get the plans started!

How hard is it to host a party?

In the words of my 6 year old, “Easy Peasy.”
1. Figure out a location, home or otherwise.
2. Invite friends 3-4 weeks ahead of time to allow them to order online.
3. Send out the Punjammie link so everyone can order before the party if they wish.
4. Tell them to wear their PJs and bring a dessert to share to the party.
5. Set up a computer with WiFi at the party to allow for more orders.
6. If you are within a reasonable radius of Healing Projects we will do the Sex & Human Trafficking awareness presentation for you for FREE!! (No travel expenses required either)
7. If you are further away but have a group of 30 or more with a church or organization, we will STILL do the presentation for FREE! Just contact dawn@healinghannah.com for more info

Where do the proceeds for these parties go?

100% of the proceeds go to the International Princess Project, rescuing women from sex trafficking in India and providing them a means to support themselves and their families through the participation in creating Punjammies. Learn more on their website here:

International Princess Project

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