Projects That Could Use YOU!!

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Projects That Could Use YOU!!

Three projects we would still really appreciate help with for our upcoming trip to Guatemala:
1. Aida Vega is overseeing our support and sponsorship for a feeding center in the heart of Guatemala City that feeds between 250 and 300 kids every day whose parents work in the garbage dump scavenging to make a living. If you would like to make a donation to those efforts please contact either me or her. Money donated for this project will go directly to buy rice and beans to help feed the kids! Please contact us for instructions in who to make checks to, though!

Two other projects we still would love to have taken up by someone:
2. We would love to have small gift bags to pass out to the women at our main partner orphanage who take such good care of the kids there. We would need around 15 small gift bags filled with any kind of items. Makeup, lotions, toiletries, chocolate candies, really anything just to bless them. You can either donate one or more bags yourself, or if someone is willing to take this project up and really organize and advocate for it!
3. We also always have our ongoing wish list on Amazon for children and teen books in Spanish. They are absolutely loved by the kids and the staff at the orphanages where we work! Ignore the quantity suggestions….we will take as many as we can get!  you can have them delivered directly to me, too! 



DONATION ALERT! Kmart  is selling flip-flops for 99 cents!!! And Wal-Mart for 98 cents!!! We can use them in any size, toddler to adult (except very large sizes). If anyone is still looking for a way to help, this is an easy way to make a big difference!