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In 2004, I made a decision that, while it seemed relatively straightforward at the time, would change my life path forever. I decided to adopt. My husband and I were already the proud parents to 2 biologically created boys when we decided to catch a plane to the other side of the world and bring home a beautiful little girl from China. Who I am today now seems as far removed from the person I was before that life-changing trip as the strange and foreign country seemed to me at the time. What began as a journey to bring just one orphan home to become our third child, became a return trip to bring home a fourth child, then a trip to Guatemala to bring home a fifth child. But that is still not the end of our story. When the tangible consequences of suffering, extreme poverty and neglect visited our home in the person of our first daughter, her scars became our scars and all of our lives were left with the indelible ink of her story. (Click here to Read “Healing Hannah” for more on her story). While holding her through months of healing from trauma I could not possibly fathom, I vowed if we both reached the other side of this hell from which she was trying to escape that I would never forget what I had seen and would spend myself on behalf of those who had not yet escaped. We did make it to the other side. And that, dear friend, is why you are reading this now.

Just as our one decision to bring home one child grew to another, then another, Healing Projects began as just one simple idea to reach out to other adoptive families to help them help their children heal. But then we knew we could not just stop there, because what would become of the children left behind in orphanages who would never find a family at all? And what of the mothers who didn’t want to abandon their children to orphanages in the first place but felt due to poverty or other third world development issues, they had no choice? Yet while we have grown over the years to expand our volunteer reach, the concept behind Healing Projects and our mission have really remained the same and quite simple.

Faith without Action is is useless. Faith without Love is worthless.

Healing Projects is the joint effort of volunteers to live out the idea that Faith without justice, compassion, and mercy cannot succeed in changing the world. I am completely overtaken with this passion now. It is not a “cause”, it is not just a “non-profit”, it is not just another blog or empty Tweet. It is a permanent condition, an obsession, a scarred heart from which I hope I never heal. Because I don’t want to ever forget.

This blog contains my personal musings on social justice, Faith, theology, orphan & adoption issues, leadership & church topics, women & gender issues, and pretty much any other random thought I see fit to toss out. These are NOT necessarily the views of everyone who volunteers with Healing Projects! So please don’t hold them accountable. 😉 This is just me, raw and real. Because this is the internet, and that’s what we do here.