Healing Orphans

Healing Orphans partners with non-profits and ministries who provide shelter and love to children who live without families around the world. We are especially focused on those who work with special needs orphans.



  • Photo 36

    The Real Treasures Hidden in a Garbage Dump

    When we first began visiting the communities surrounding the huge landfill of Guatemala City years ago, our senses were initially bombarded with exactly what you would expect….the odor pouring out of the decaying garbage and human & animal bodies was nauseating, the sight of huge …

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    Guatemala May 2014 Officially OPEN!

    Guatemala Team May 24-31 General Info: Dates of Travel: May 24-31, 2014 Location: Guatemala City, Villa Nueva, & other locations around Guatemala Lodging: Dorie’s Promise, Guatemala City (a guest house at one of our partner orphanages) Tentative Projects: ~Serving orphans in various locations ~Hosting Backpack …

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    Disruptions & Rehoming in Adoption Part 2

    Anyone worth their salt in advertising can tell you two tips to pulling at the heart-strings in marketing: use cute puppies and cute babies (Harris Interactive Polls on Marketing). We appear to be hard-wired to respond to “cuteness”. That may seem harmless when we are …

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    Disruptions & Rehoming in Adoption Part 1

    We all love a happy ending… a great fairytale, an uplifting story. This is even more true when we hear about orphans being placed in loving homes, finally with a family to call their own. For those who have not adopted, the implications of anything …

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  • Bayby Sleeps In A Box

    Abandoned Kittens & the Meaning of Life

    As a parent, when you receive a sudden phone call from your teenage son who should be pulling up in the driveway at that moment, it is always a bit unnerving. When my phone rang recently with such a call, flashes of panic swept over …

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  • IMG 2199

    These Sweet Feet Need Shoes…

    Special Feet in Need of Shoes Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! Zapatos!! This is what we need for our upcoming trip back to Guatemala. We return with a team on May 25 and many of you wonderful people have been asking what donations …

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    Great Sorrow, Unspeakable Joy

    Last picture I ever took of sweet Mei-Mei. When you visit children in orphanages, the one comment you are most likely to get from friends, family, and strangers alike is, “How do you DO that? I could never bear to see …

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