Leadership Team



Executive Director, Healing Projects

Dawn is the Founder and Executive Director of Healing Projects.  Parents to 5 amazing kids (including 3 adopted internationally from China & Guatemala), Dawn and her husband, Roger, are also the co-CEOs of Learning Partners, an educational technology and professional development company that regularly partners with Healing Projects. With degrees in Education, History and Spanish, Dawn has always enjoyed an active and fulfilling career life.  But after the adoption of their first daughter from China, Dawn and Roger quickly learned just how broken a child who has been abandoned, neglected, and forgotten can be…and could not forget what they had learned about those who are broken & suffer daily around the world.  After struggling to help their daughter heal, Dawn founded Healing Hannah Ministries in 2005 to work with adoptive families both before and after bringing their child home to better prepare them for the journey to healing.  Then, HHM expanded to also include orphan care for children still living in orphanages, especially those with special needs, as Healing Orphans.  After many years, multiple trips, and extensive work within the worlds of adoption and orphan care, Dawn expanded the work of the ministry to also include projects with victims of sex trafficking, broken families, single parenting and impoverished community development.  Dawn is committed to the original vision and mission of Healing Projects regardless of what path is taken to reach that goal, “Brokenness occurs in the heart, mind and spirit of a person….not just in their physical body.   To fully heal a person, it takes more than just meeting the needs of that physical body.  We must also reach deep into their hearts, their minds, and their spirits to draw out the beautiful creation God intended for that person to be.”  Dawn is passionate about inspiring others to see missions as not a separate calling, but an integral part of every life.  Launching people into their God-given destiny to change the world is at the forefront of everything Dawn aspires to do.  In her “free time” (which is almost laughable!), Dawn loves mountain biking, anything outdoors, traveling, and is a closet geek who obsessively reads “Wired” cover-to-cover.

To contact Dawn about the work of Healing Projects or for information regarding upcoming trip openings email:  dawn@healinghannah.com



Director of New Project Development 

Cristal is a proud Texan and active mother to 2 handsome boys.  Her husband, known to many as “Beaver”, is a loved and successful football coach with Cristal as his biggest fan!  Cristal has had a passion for missions for many years kept hidden away in her heart as she faithfully served for over 17 years as a social worker.  Cristal is not only highly experienced in family development, forming healthy relationships with children, and caring for those in need, she is a self-taught herbal and nutritional specialist who is highly sought after by others for advice on caring for their bodies in a holistic and natural way.  Cristal is a courageous adventurer who faces new and uncertain missions situations with strength and wisdom.  Cristal was the first travel parter to Guatemala with Dawn when they were scouting out new project opportunities and partnerships.  While she is a friend and leader to Healing Projects in many ways, it is her willingness to pioneer new situations and places that has led her to direct new project development for us.  Cristal is passionate about helping Healing Projects find and evaluate new partners and projects as we continue to expand our efforts.  She also organizes and helps to determine strategy for visiting teams logistically and structurally.  Cristal is a serious prayer warrior who showers Healing Projects volunteers and leaders with fervent prayer along the way.  She has also been known to wear fuzzy, bunny pajamas to sleep in…even in tropical climates.  She may be a proud Texan, but we are proud….and grateful she is on our team!

To contact Cristal about new project development and potential partners, email:  criseaver@sbcglobal.net 













 Leadership Team & Physical Therapy

As a senior in high school, Susan read a brochure that talked about a career as a physical therapist and somehow knew that was her calling. After more than 16 years, she has never regretted that decision!  In that time, Susan has used her skills in physical therapy as well as her passion for serving others to volunteer for special needs ministries in local churches, coordinate day camps for SN children, and collect special equipment for SN children in orphanages.  When traveling on her first trip to Guatemala, she noticed not only the need for resources for special needs kids, but also for women with neck and back problems due to long hours scavenging in landfills for a day’s wage of $1-$2.  Her heart was moved to not only collect more equipment and resources to carry with her on each global trip, but to create workshops and trainings to address the issues for impoverished communities, schools, and orphanage staff.  Susan is also a skilled photographer who uses her talent to raise money for her trips with Healing Projects and to support the ongoing work.  You can support her photography efforts here: Clickin’ for Missions

You can contact Susan for general questions about Healing Projects or for information on donating to our Global Physical Therapy program at: sbjett@hotmail.com 










Leadership Team & Physical Therapy

Jessica is a Physical Therapist Assistant with a passion for working with children with special needs.  From her first trip with Healing Projects, Jessica has worked tirelessly to advocate and procure donations for specialized medical and therapy equipment for orphans and children in the countries where we serve.  The first time she purchased a special stroller for a very special needs little boy, she inspired bigger smiles out of him as she gently placed him in it than I have seen out of him in all the years we have visited him! She truly has a gift for loving the most in need.  Jessica and her husband, Chris, are the parents to a beautiful daughter from Guatemala, which gives her a special love for orphans everywhere and for the country of her daughter’s birth.  Working as a PTA for several years, she has experience with multiple injuries, diseases, and physical challenges including neurological disorders, orthopedic, sports injuries, pediatrics and more.  In her own words, “I am hoping to really dig in and form some solid relationships in Guatamala and in the United States so that these beautiful children can have the best quality of life possible. I am beyond excited to be a part of Healing Projects and be the hands and feet of The Lord!!” Her idea of “relaxing” is usually working on projects, but she also enjoys traveling and believes life should be lived “out of the box”!

You can contact Jessica for questions or inquiries about donating to our Therapy Programs at: guatemommy05@yahoo.com