Think Sex Trafficking Doesn’t Happen Here?

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Think Sex Trafficking Doesn’t Happen Here?

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I remember when I used to believe that myth. Sex trafficking is what happened in some distant, exotic location. Far away somewhere in Asia, or the Middle East, young girls were sold by people who just aren’t a civilized and educated group….like we are. Set aside for a moment the fact that a large number of patrons of the sex trade internationally are known to be men from the United States, the US Department of State has also reported on the growing sex trade right here at home.

“The United States is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor, debt bondage, document servitude, and sex trafficking. Trafficking occurs for commercial sexual exploitation in street prostitution, massage parlors, and brothels, and for labor in domestic service, agriculture, manufacturing, janitorial services, hotel services, hospitality industries, construction, health and elder care, and strip club dancing. Vulnerabilities are increasingly found in visa programs for legally documented students and temporary workers who typically fill labor needs in the hospitality, landscaping, construction, food service, and agricultural industries. There are allegations of domestic workers, foreign nationals on A-3 and G-5 visas, subjected to forced labor by foreign diplomatic or consular personnel posted to the United States. Combined federal and state human trafficking information indicates more sex trafficking than labor trafficking investigations and prosecutions, but law enforcement identified a comparatively higher number of labor trafficking victims as such cases uncovered recently have involved more victims. U.S. citizen victims, both adults and children, are predominantly found in sex trafficking; U.S. citizen child victims are often runaways, troubled, and homeless youth. Foreign victims are more often found in labor trafficking than sex trafficking. In 2010, the number of female foreign victims of labor trafficking served through victim services programs increased compared with 2009. The top countries of origin for foreign victims in FY 2010 were Thailand, India, Mexico, Philippines, Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic.” ~US Department of State, “Trafficking in Persons Report, 2011”


How Can I Help?

Visit the Polaris Project  to see how you can become more involved in stopping sex and human trafficking domestically.

 How can I help HEALING PROJECTS partners working with victims of sex trafficking globally?

Healing Projects regularly partners with organizations and non-profits around the world working to not only rescue women and children from sex and human trafficking, but also to train and provide resources to secure a vocation for their future to prevent a return to the trade.  If you are interested in visiting our partner organizations on one of our international trips or in supporting one of our partners financially, please contact


Recent News on this Topic:

The Sun Sentinel recently reported on the boom in the sex trade through seedy massage parlors in South Florida.  If you found it difficult to be concerned before when you thought this only happened “over there”, perhaps reading this will help you see exactly why we should care…..and how it is happening right in our own backyard.  “We are not talking about a prostitute, we are talking about a victim….”

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“FBI raiding ‘body-rub’ joints in booming South Florida massage industry”

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