Sponsor a Backpack…Help a Young Mother & Child!

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Sponsor a Backpack…Help a Young Mother & Child!

BackPack List

BackPack List

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We are SO excited to announce our next phase of donation drive for the Pre-Christmas Trip to Guatemala! In keeping with our efforts to expand our longer-term development goals there, we will be working to train very young, single, impoverished mothers with some basic life skills. To keep our efforts efficient, mobile, and sustainable, we will be offering backpacks to class participants filled with some basic supplies for both mother & child in keeping with the training they will be receiving in class. Therefore, we will be filling the backpacks with supplies that will offer resources to them in the following areas:IMG_3092
~Basic Health Care
~Emergency Care
~Safety & Nutrition
~Spiritual Growth

Please help us by sponsoring a Backpack! You can click on the list above to see the suggestions of items needed.

You do NOT need to purchase the Backpack!

Our Friends at Relevant Church, Paducah, have generously offered the donation to cover purchasing all the Backpacks! All you need to do is help us find sponsors to fill them.
We already have schools, churches and individuals signing up! It is our hope to bring AT LEAST 150 filled packs.

****You do NOT have to get every item on the list!  It is a list of suggested items that would be helpful.  You can sponsor a backpack as an individual, or have a group, class, or friends sponsor a backpack together.****

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dawn@healinghannah.com for more info