Guatemala May 2014 Officially OPEN!

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Guatemala May 2014 Officially OPEN!


Guatemala Team May 24-31

General Info:

Dates of Travel: May 24-31, 2014

Location: Guatemala City, Villa Nueva, & other locations around Guatemala

Lodging: Dorie’s Promise, Guatemala City (a guest house at one of our partner orphanages)

Tentative Projects:
~Serving orphans in various locations
~Hosting Backpack Classes in physical therapy, health & hygiene, healing from abuse, parenting, attachment, & other topics
as needed to victims of trafficking, young teen mothers, & members of impoverished communities
~Serving in a large feeding center that serves lunch to dozens of children from families who scavenge in the garbage dump
~Other projects in community development, ministry, and service TBA after team members’ skills are assessed
~Daily Missions-Life Coaching for team members

Trip Cost (NOT including Passport & shots):
Airfare: (varies) approx. between $550-$700
In-Country Costs (lodging, food, transportation, etc.): $950
Fees & Incidentals (tips, airport parking, fees, etc.): $150

Mission Statement:

To implement sustainable projects through service in orphanages, impoverished communities, and ministries to victims of sex trafficking in various locations around Guatemala. Our goals are to provide training, resources, materials and education in areas that will allow those who have been victimized by abuse, neglect, abandonment and poverty to pursue a path of healing, redemption and restoration. We will assess and utilize the unique gifts of each team member to create a customized missions experience for the entire team. Daily Missions-Life Coaching will also take place to educate, inspire, and launch team members on a life-long journey of healthy and sustainable missions.

Other FAQs:

Will I need a Passport?
Yes! You should not purchase your plane ticket until you either have your passport, or it is already in the mail.

What shots will I need?
Please see your physician or international clinic. We will NOT be traveling to remote, tropical locations, therefore you do NOT need Malaria meds.

How safe is travel to Guatemala?
While any type of international travel involves some risk, we are very cautious with our travel and heed travel advisories and recommendations for locations and times to decrease risk. We stay in one of the safest locations in Guatemala and are provided our food by the staff at that location to decrease the risk of food-born illness as well.

Is there an age limit to join a team?
Yes. If traveling WITH a parent/guardian, you must be at least 12 years of age. If traveling WITHOUT a parent/guardian, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Do I need to have certain skills or expertise?
NO! Everyone is welcome! However, once you join a team, we will inquire about your unique set of skills, experience, and passions so that we can customize the team experience and projects around the group of individuals traveling. We work hard to ensure each and every member feels like they have a role to play during the week, and comes out of the experience fulfilled in their opportunity to share their talents with those whom we serve.

Will we do any sightseeing?
While this is not meant to be a vacation, we do think it is very valuable for you to fall in love with the country and culture of Guatemala. We want you to see the beauty of the incredible country and its people, not only the sad and difficult parts. While most of our time will be spent in service, we will allow for time to enjoy some sightseeing, shopping with local artisans, and participation in cultural activities.

Why do we stay at an orphanage?
The guest house at this particular orphanage was set up specifically for teams, and is fully equipped with clean living areas, a kitchen and laundry facilities. Not only do we support the work of this lovely home for orphans financially by using their guest home, but we get the unique privilege of having downtime each day with the 30+ children who live there which is always one of the favorite parts of the week for our teams! They are also located in one of the loveliest and safest sections of Guatemala City.

When do we purchase airline tickets?
We will start purchasing tickets the first week of March. But tickets can be purchased through April, though prices will be subject to change. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET UNTIL YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY APPLIED AND BEEN ACCEPTED INTO A TEAM!! We will send you exact instructions for purchasing tickets once you have joined a team officially.

How do I apply?
Please send all inquires for team membership to or use our Contact form on this website.

What donations will you be collecting for this trip?

There are THREE main things we are always collecting for our trips:
We frequently use cupcakes share our love with those whom we serve. We are always in need of cake mix, frosting,
cupcake liners, sprinkles and decor.


We’ve made it SO easy! We have a Healing Projects Wish List set up on Amazon, so all you have to do is point, click, and have it delivered to me! Books are absolutely treasured by the children and others we serve in the impoverished communities and orphanages. Just use the link below to help us bring the joy of reading to some precious friends!



3.  BACKPACK SUPPLIES for our Backpack Classes
We supply the backpack…we just need you to fill it! Please feel free to print the list off and inspire others to sponsor!